Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Human Rights: Abu Qatada arrested and will face deportation. Abu Hamza on his way to America

There are 2 significant developments in the recent weeks on the issue of Human Rights and the Rule of Law:
Abu Hamza:
Firstly, last week the courts ruled that Abu Hamza, serving a seven-year sentence in Britain for soliciting to murder and inciting racial hatred, can be extradited to a USA prison to face separate charges of terrorism there.
The Court ruled that transfer to a high security American prison, with its televisions, and facilities a lot better than many a Premier Inn I have stayed in, did not breach the terrorist's human rights.

Egyptian-born Abu Hamza is wanted in America on 11 charges related to taking 16 hostages in Yemen in 1998, promoting violent jihad in Afghanistan in 2001 and conspiring to set up a jihad training camp in Oregon, America.
The American authorities have described him as a "terrorist facilitator with a global reach".
Full report of the story is here:

Abu Qatada:
Successive governments have fought for more than a decade to deport Mr Qatada, and he has cost the taxpayer more than £1.5 million in legal bills and benefits.
Yesterday, I was in the House to hear the news from the Home Secretary that he will ultimately be deported to Jordan to face terrorist charges. He still has some rights of appeal to exhaust but, given the concessions and developments that have taken place recently, I now believe that the former right hand man to Osama Bin Laden will stop being both a drain on our resources and a thorn in our side.
There was an overwhelming groundswell of support from all across the House for the removal of this evil man. Mrs May told MPs she was confident she had enough assurances to allow for his deportation, including guarantees that no evidence obtained by torture will be used against him.
I spent a long time as a lawyer, and believe absolutely in Human Rights. But the sooner these two evil men are far from our country and facing trial abroad for their alleged crimes the happier I will be.