Sunday, 27 May 2012

Haydon Bridge Beer Festival - Friday July 6th, 6pm

I am to become a barman! On Friday July 6th at 6pm I will be serving pints at the Haydon Bridge Beer Festival. I cannot wait and would urge everyone to put it in their diaries. The beer is outstanding and covers a huge variety.
Northumberrland is rightly becoming famous as the Beer capital of England - with outstanding breweries at Wylam, Matfen and Allendale to name a few. The causes the festival supports are numerous and worthy - including the Air Ambulance, which we are campaigning for in the House of Commons, and Tynedale Hospice =which I did the charity walk for last year.
The event features:
- 36 local Ales
- 14 Ciders from around the UK
- & Wines from around the world in our the gloriously named wine lounge.
and delicious food!
The attached link shows some of the fun but otherwise visit the main website:
My thanks in particular to all the local organisers and the key sponsors = WMH Farm Fresh Meats and ACIS Renewable Energy Ltd.
You might want to find a very teetotal friend to act as the designated driver [or take the train].
It will be a great night and worth putting in your diary. It also goes all day Saturday July 7th - when I shall be working at the real job!