Friday, 25 May 2012

Opposition to Green Belt Building grows

I am stongly opposed to building on green belt land: so I am pleased to report that the plans of the Labour Newcastle Council to build at Callerton, on our boundary edge, have taken another hit, as reported in todays Journal:
Their plan is amazing - given that there are countless brownfield sites in central newcastle which they have chosen to ignore - so that they can bulldoze over Callerton Green fields, and treasured parts of Gosforth.

Similar plans to build a possible 1000 homes on another site on the edge of Ponteland are also opposed, as reported in yesterdays Morpeth Herald:

My view is simply this: I am in favour of local community housing that supplements and does not impinge on the community infrastructure, and which provides the local housing for local people. Such housing should be fundamentally on brown field sites, unless there is an overwhelming local desire for this not to happen.
However, as I am required to do so, I will wait for the upcoming explanation in the proposing company's open day demonstration of their plans. However, I am certain that this proposal is unlikely to find favour with local people - particularly when there are brown field sites available.
This view is also backed up by the effects of the Localism Bill and the new National Planning Policy Framework, and the comments of the Planning Minister to me recently in the House of Commons. I will be looking to Northumberland County Council to ensure that they enforce the provisions of the governments work to provide green belt protection.