Thursday, 28 June 2012

To Edinburgh and Beyond

I am travelling to Edinburgh today with Michael Gove MP to help make the case for a United Kingdom. I believe in the Union and believe that we are better off together. I will be at the Scottish parliament briefly, and then at a dinner in Edinburgh at the Signet Library in Parliament Square, where I am looking forward to seeing the inspirational Ruth Davidson MSP - the leader of the Scottish Conservative Group. Both Ruth and Michael are speaking at tonights event. Ruth and I last campaigned together in the Glasgow By Election, which was an experience by anyone's standards.
I will be making the case strongly for the Union to all and sundry and hope to make several visits to Scotland campaigning and arguing the case over the next 24 months. An independent Scotland would never be able to finance itself or its accrued debts of pensions, and public service liabilities. We fought Napoleon and Hitler together, and we are stronger as united partners in a United Kingdom.