Thursday, 7 June 2012

Analysing the case for Scottish Independence

As the Jubilee stardust fades, our thoughts turn once again onto the big decisions that lie ahead and the SNPs argument that Scotland would be better off independent merits serious consideration - not least because Question Time comes from Inverness tonight.
Certain key decisions jump out for an aswer, of which there is preently none:
- If Scotland does not join the Euro [as the SNP have indicated they want to do], do they accept that the keeping of the pound will necessitate interest rates and governance on this issue from the Bank Of England's Independent Monetary Policy Committee?
- Military bases: is the rest of Britain to keep and pay for the bases in Scotland [Faslane, for example, employs 11,000 directly or indirectly] and fund them - given that Scotland would not have its own army / subs? Why not move the jobs all to England or Wales if we are paying for them down south?
- Pensions: how will Scotland pay its massive public sector pensions bill on its own?
- What if the Shetlands and Orkneys declare independence from Scotland? Does that not mean that they would get most of the oil rights? I am afraid it does.

Alex Salmond is totally wrong, and on a vanity trip, to declare independence. Any serious analysis shows that we are better off together. I look forward to making the case in Scotland when I am visiting and meeting Ruth Davidson, MOSP, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, in late June in Edinburgh