Thursday, 2 August 2012

Volunteering with Jason McCartney MP for Colne Valley and the Canal and River Trust

This morning I walked from Crowden to Marsden in the Colne Valley constituency of Jason McCartney MP. I helped him out with his community project. Jason has set up a summer volunteering week featuring a whole host of local volunteering, from helping out at local hospices and the food bank, to helping to repaint the Standedge Tunnel Visitor centre; the bloke in blue is James Dean, the inspirational manager of the Canal and River Trust - which is the slimmed down version of 2 former quangoes. From the evidence I saw at Standedge the Canal and River Trust is clearly being run very well. More details of the incredible Standedge Tunnel can be found here:
More details of Jasons volunteering can be found at: