Thursday, 30 August 2012

Local Labour's Booze Cruise

The Labour group on Northumberland County Council are keen to turn Northumberland into booze cruise central; they have argued that there is a "golden opportunity" to entice Scottish drinkers with an advertising campaign for a "booze cruise" style promotion, and want council funds set aside for promotion of our county.
Earlier this year the Scottish Parliament agreed on plans to set a minimum price per unit of alcohol at 50p, which should come into force in April. The move was intended to reduce the devastating effect of binge-drinking. Northumberland County Council's Labour group economic spokeswoman Susan Davey said: "By not setting aside an adequate advertising budget to promote travel and shopping in Northumberland to the Scots, the county may miss out on this golden opportunity. Shops in Berwick, Alnwick and Morpeth with easy access to the A1 should be preparing to accept a huge increase in trade but I expect, without an advertising campaign, Carlisle with its easy motorway access will win this race."
If this is the best economic policy they could come forward with they are more out of touch than I thought. It also shows they are dangerously out of touch with the devastating impact drinking has on people's lives.
Previously local labour politicians have opposed alcohol pricing - despite a plethora of doctors, police and hospitals backing such a measure which would save lives and cut anti social behaviour.

Now many will draw comparisons with Newcastle's former self promotion as a "party city" under it's previous Labour administration, which many agree did long term damage to the cities reputation.

That is a reputation I don't want for Northumberland, which is a fantastic place to live, with hundreds of things to see and do. It is those attractions, from our market towns to our beautiful countryside, that the Council should be promoting, not their big idea that you could get four cans of Special Brew for seven quid. I like a drink as much as anyone but I will not let Labour turn Gods own County into Booze Central.