Friday, 22 March 2013

Balls gets a savaging - from Mandelson

More bad news for the Ed Balls:
Lord Mandelson has launched a damaging critique of Ed Balls as shadow chancellor, accusing him of living in the past and focusing on “tiring” arguments about the pace of spending cuts. Speaking at the CBI’s annual dinner in London last night, Labour's former business secretary said the Labour party’s economic strategy was failing to win over voters.
My favourite quote:
"The whole argument about whether we are cutting too far and too fast its in the past. It is rather predicatable party political stuff from over the dispathc box....the Labour party has got to offer more than that".
I could not agree more
I guarantee the Ed's will not listen.
They have voted against reductions to every single budget since 2010.
They never apologise, and simply oppose everything. It is vacuous politics of the worst kind.