Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hadrian's Wall - have you visited yet? It is not too late to book that break to God's Own Country!

Richard Bunce, 32, from Ilkley in Yorkshire, beat thousands to win a commendation from the Garden Photographers’ Association. His picture of foxgloves at the Wall earned a place in the GPA’s gigantic coffee table book and shows just how stunning the county can be.
Mr Bunce said: “I love the rugged and wild atmosphere of the Northumberland landscape. It’s very easy for your imagination to run wild as you roam through such an ancient and well-preserved environment. You feel a bit closer to everything – a bit closer to nature, closer to history. There’s the sense of all those people that have walked the paths and roads before. It’s amazing to think that you would have found foxgloves around this same area during the Roman occupation of the wall.

The London-born rambler, who calls himself ‘the walking photographer’, was travelling with his wife Caroline in the summer of 2013 when he spotted the flowers “regimented, all lined up.”

The question you have to ask is this: Why have you not visited Hadrians Wall yet?