Monday, 10 February 2014

Westminster this week

Education questions are today and I will be trying to catch the speakers eye. I also have meetings today and on Wednesday on our campaign to support credit unions locally and create a local community bank. At some stage tomorrow evening / late pm there is a debate on smoking in cars. I will listen to the debate before deciding, but I have a provisional view to support the ban on smoking in cars carrying children, albeit I see the difficulty in enforcing the matter, from the police's point of view. To be honest we will need to hear from government ministers on the point as to the practicalities, but it seems a good idea in principle. Monday will be the usual late night 10.30pm finish.
Tuesday I am meeting Boris Johnson with a group of fellow MPs in the house of commons, and have an opposition day debate on a subject to be announced.
Wednesday I am hoping to get in to speak in the 2.30 debate in Westminster hall on Currency in Scotland if there were a successful independence vote. Thursday will be a correspondence and casework day trying to catch up on all letters, emails and requests for assistance.