Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Elections in India and Afghanistan are changing the world

India first: my intention is to blog the 2 upcoming elections that matter so much to all of us both here in the UK and across the world. Let us start with India. My prediction is that Modi will win in India after the biggest election in history: it has lasted 6 weeks and seen roughly around 500 million voters. 

The BJP party in India is led by Narenda Modi. The 63-year-old has played down his party's traditional commitment to religious and cultural revivalism in favour of stressing development, jobs and honest government. Repeated surveys have shown that this is what Indians want, and that many of them clearly believe it is what Modi, who has earned a reputation as an effective if authoritarian administrator, can provide. However, there is no doubt his success will also bring a possible risk of religious divide, which he will need to manage and provide reassurance upon. But if India is to progress and take the next step it definitely needs an administrator. As the BBC puts it - That is fundamentally what the Indians are voting for.
My friend Adrian Mutton, who lives and works in India, has done this assessment of the Indian Election and it is worth a read: http://www.sannams4.com/?page_id=4555