Friday, 30 May 2014

Campaigning for Meriam Ibrahim and freedom for Christians to practice their faith abroad

I have this week written to the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, to raise the concerns of many, including myself, with the case of Meriam Ibrahim. A copy of my question is set out below, but there is no doubt that Christians continue to be persecuted merely for pursuing their faith in countries where there is no such tolerance. This has been a problem in states like Syria for some time but is widespread in other places. I have previously raised the issue in parliament in relation to the Middle East, but it is clear that this terrible case in Sudan has really highlighted the iniquity of the Sudanese approach and the problem generally. My written question to the FCO is as follows:
“To ask the Secretary of State what he is doing to raise the plight of persecuted Christians abroad, and in particular the case of Meriam Ibrahim with the Sudanese Government, so that Christians can continue to practice their faith without prejudice or persecution?”
I and others will be raising the case with William Hague when parliament returns. 
I am a huge supporter of amnesty international and their site on this issue is here:
Slightly more detail is found in the bbc report here: