Monday, 16 November 2015

Aftermath of Paris attacks - my thoughts and a Commons statement likely today at 3.30

I was asked to comment after the attacks by the Journal and the Chronicle and the quote I gave them is below: as always, in such circumstances, I genuinely struggle to know what to say, as words are never enough. 
“My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this attack in Paris and with the French people generally.
“This is a disgraceful attack and it doesn’t reflect 99.999% of the views of people.
“We must continue to combat terrorism, both at home and abroad, but the most important thing is that we continue with our day to day lives. It is only when we become craven that terrorism wins.
“I also think we owe a huge debt to our security services who are keeping people in this country safe.”

The PM and Chancellor Merkel commented as follows:
There will clearly be a House of Commons statement on the Paris Attacks and the UK response at 3.30 today