Sunday, 13 December 2015

To Infiniti and beyond! Nissan, with more cars produced than Italy, goes from strength to strength with Infiniti plans

Nissan boost for North East manufacturing
Great news for North East manufacturing this week as Nissan have announced that their Sunderland factory will become the first European plant to build one of their luxury new Infiniti cars. The Sunderland factory is already a formidable force for manufacturing in the North East; the site of £3bn investment from Nissan since 1984, and rated as the most productive car plant on the continent; producing more cars in a year than the whole of Italy! This announcement builds on the factory’s previous success with a new £250 million investment, and a boost to local employment. Production of the new car will take employment at the factory up to 6,700, whilst a further 1,000 jobs are set to be created at the company’s various local suppliers; excellent news for the local workforce, and excellent news for local businesses.
It is great to see the North East leading the way in manufacturing, not just in the UK, but across Europe as well. A real triumph for the region, and for British industry. Full piece in Sunday’s Daily Telegraph: