Monday, 9 May 2016

Westminster this coming week

This is the last week before prorogation - meaning the end of the parliamentary year. This means most outstanding bills not passed thus far are the subject of negotiation by the lords and the commons. Some bills are carryover bills which will be finalised in the summer term, but most business is concluded this week, which includes the Housing Bill, which we will debate until late tonight. The Queeens Speech setting out the new legislation takes place on Wednesday May 18. I have a variety of meetings with constituents and other organisations this week. My plan is to head north on Thursday if everything pans out. I have a very busy Friday and Saturday with stronger in euro campaigning, surgeries, two evening events where I am speaking, and various meetings including one concerning the A69 / Henshaw crossing point with Highways Agency. Sunday I am taking off but more on what I am up to Sunday later this week.