Saturday, 9 July 2016

No quotas, no discrimination, just merit. Conservative Party picks another female Prime Minister

I worked for Women2Win between 2013-2015 helping a large group of amazing female candidates as they sought to become an MP. In 2015 there were some amazing female candidates who then became an MP. Too many to name all but have a look at Suella Fernandez, Seema Kennedy, Victoria Atkins, Dr. Tania Matthias, Maria Caulfield, Lucy Frazer, all of whom I helped by way of mentoring and training. This is not an exhaustive list - it is just some of the women who Women2Win helped in the lead up to May 2015, and who I had particular contact with. All will have stellar careers. The key message from this blog is that there are future female MPs, councillors, and leaders out there who should contact Women2Win and who should embrace the challenge of contributing to Public Office.
Details of women2win found here:
The selection of 2 women to go to the membership of the party, and to become a prime minister is a great thing. The question any female readers have to ask is why have I not applied? What can I do to serve? Is there someone I know who would be good? How can I mentor and assist someone?