Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Very proud to have served David Cameron - a superb Prime Minister

I entered parliament when David Cameron became PM. I was there in Committee Room 14 in the Commons days after the election in 2010 when we discussed the Coalition and whether to go into it with the liberals to help turn the country around from the boom and bust.
He is British to his fingertips, and is passionate about all the United Kingdom. He is a 1 Nation Conservative, proud of modernising the Conservative Party, leading it back into power in 2010 as the head of a coalition, after 13 years in the wilderness and winning an outright victory in the 2015 election, that many thought he would lose.
He is proud of restoring the country to economic stability after the 2008 crash and fighting for unpopular causes in the party, including gay marriage and international development.
He is a wonderful combination of a kind family man who is immensely decent, and the robust ruthless leader of a party he has successfully dragged into the 21st Century. He has addressed long term unemployment, apprenticeships, improvements in education, schooling and welfare very successfully. He is a great man and I have been proud to serve him.