Friday, 8 July 2016

Bringing Local Venues Back to Life - The Dyvels Inn &The County Hotel both provide a fresh start to the local pub / hotel scene

The North East, and our own constituency in particular, has always been blessed with great ales and fantastic pubs. That's why I was so pleased to re-launch two brilliant pubs recently, both of which have been through hard times not so long ago.

The Dyvels Inn in Corbridge was devastated by the floods of last winter, making business impossible. The renovations that Chris Baxter and his team had done only months before were wasted, as both features and decorations were ruined by the water. Thankfully, due to the enthusiasm of Chris, and with the help of the people at Punch Taverns, the pub is now ready for business again.

The pub boasts one of the nicest beer gardens in Northumberland, and is always a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone. Worth noting also is the County Hotel, which also re-launched recently. Once again supported by Punch Taverns, this fine establishment is back doing what it should be doing; selling beer and providing good food..

It was heartening to see both of these establishments finding their feet again, and I implore all of you to go and have a pint (or two) at both when you get the chance. These pubs are at the heart of their respective communities, so we should all do as much as we can to ensure that they continue to thrive.
The wider point is that both provide much needed beds for tourists, business visitors and for weddings and events. Tynedale needs this. But use them or lose them - its your community. I have had pints in both and the beer is good!