Monday, 22 August 2016

Former Labour MP Tom Harris on Labour Party travails in Scotland has lessons for the North East

If Scottish labour simply tries to imitate and be more left wing than the SNP, and does not want to defend the Union, what does it stand for and why should anyone vote for it? The article by former Scottish labour MP Tom Harris makes compelling reading. But I also see lessons for the Labour Party in the north east as the mayoral debate takes hold and the devolution deal of May 2017 comes ever closer.
Does the north east Labour Party actually want devolution?
How does the north east labour team compare to the labour teams in Greater Manchester who have so enthusiastically embraced devolution, the government deal and the greater powers on offer.
Does it welcome the chance to be the economic driver of the region?
What will it actually do with the powers?
Have a read of the article -all of us are going to have to change our views.