Friday, 26 August 2016

Broadband rollout to the villages goes on - slowly but surely we are getting there

Work on the ground in Matfen has started and will hopefully be finished by mid October, barring any problems encountered during build. Planning and survey work has all be completed. Coverage is confined to the village and some of the immediate local area. Mat fen is the largest village that has not yet had its broadband upgraded. 
Of the other areas included in phase 2 we expect the following to be live by the end of 2016: 
- Slaley Hall and Slaley Park
- Blagdon 
- Longbyre, near Greenhead 
- West End Town on the end of Bardon Mill
- Dilston
- Gunnerton 
- Melkridge
- Oakwood 
- Sandhoe
- Tranwell and Tranwell Woods
- Medburn
- Horsley
There are some truly outlying houses and settlements that will not be included in Phase 2 +our campaign to get them better broadband goes on, not least as the County Council are now looking at phase 3.
As always if there are any areas of difficulty, if BT are not getting back to you or if there are innovative solutions like that which has been successfully trialled in Whittonstall then let me know. We are always happy to help.