Thursday, 11 August 2016

Prudhoe Community Allotments yesterday - great to support this amazing Prudhoe institution and pick up some veg!

I have 2 jobs: Member of Parliament, and president of the Prudhoe Community Allotments! It was a great privilege to go along and support the Allotments yesterday. This special oasis of gardening calm in the heart of south Prudhoe is beautiful, and a real credit to the community - and fully supported by an amazing lunch when you pop in to an open day and buy some veg as I did yesterday. My hope is to take this community spirit and organisation and harness it in the Walled Garden Project that I have been supporting for some time in the old hospital site. That has stalled a bit but I am still very hopeful that it will come to fruition; if it does we will have a truly special site. But for now, let us celebrate the success that has been achieved at the Prudhoe Allotments. If you are interested to know more then I suggest you go their website and consider joining. £3 a year is a small price to pay!