Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Church of England Lifesavers launch at Virgin Money in Newcastle - Tynedale Community Bank helping local schools with financial education

Two weeks ago I got the chance to be at the launch of the Lifesavers Project. It was a star studded affair, with the Bishop of Newcastle and the Rev Benjamin Carter of Haydon Bridge welcoming many of our local schools to this groundbreaking project. In short, Tynedale Community Bank has been selected by the Church of England to provide financial education to the children of a selected number of schools - in our case Prudhoe Highfield Middle School, Hexham East First School, Shaftoe Primary, Greenhead Primary and Henshaw Primary.
Many of the children and their teachers came along to the launch.
The idea is that they will be taught about everything from money management to savings. We are the North East pilot and the evidence as heard at the launch of the initial pilot was phenomenally successful.
And the great news is that Tynedale Community Bank is providing the local banking.
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