Saturday, 24 December 2016

Mitochondrial Donation - a technical success story born in the North East is a profound source of optimism at christmas time

It is North East scientists who have developed this cure to this terrible illness. This biotech success story was one of the most important debates in the last parliament and we are slowly getting there. The impact of this and other science based developments only enhance the North Easts place as a serious player in science, biotech, and innovation. This is good news for jobs, science and so much more - for the future of our universities, for funding and most importantly the mums who want children who will not have this terrible disease.

Last Thursday 15 December 2016, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Association (HFEA)  announced their decision to licence mitochondrial replacement therapy as a reproductive technique to allow families affected by mitochondrial disease to conceive a child free from the condition. Problems with mitochondria cause many serious, rare, childhood conditions.
Alastair Kent OBE, Director at Genetic Alliance UK said:
"Mitchondrial replacement therapy is an increasingly promising new option for families to overcome the impact that these serious rare genetic conditions have on their lives. This step brings us closer to the end of a pathway which we hope will end at the delivery of a new treatment for couples that currently have no alternative
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