Monday, 13 February 2017

LifeSavers Project a huge step forward for financial education in tynedale

I am thrilled to announce that next month I will be taking part in the North-East launch of the LifeSavers fund.
Lifesavers aims to help children manage money wisely- and supports the whole family to learn about money together. Through practical experience of handling money at the savings club, classroom teaching, and resources for assemblies about money, LifeSavers really is a ‘whole school’ programme of financial education.
We want to see a generation of children grow up with financial resilience and the skills to deal with their money, whatever life throws at them. With evidence suggesting that children develop lifelong money habits at the age of seven, starting a savings habit early is an amazing way to improve their chances of success.
School savings clubs, powered by the local Tynedale Community Bank will set our children and young people in good stead for the years as they learn that a little bit of saving, regularly can soon build up and they can reach their goals.

Lifesavers also acknowledges that children learn from both home and school, so they also support schools to help parents and carers too around money and how to help their children learn
The programme is currently running in 120 schools across the UK, with funding available to offer it FREE to a limited number of schools in Tynedale and Northumberland.  LifeSavers works in partnership with Tynedale Community Bank, and delivered by Young Enterprise, the UK’s leading financial and enterprise education school charity.Find out more, and access online teaching resources here:
Register your interest (with no commitment at this stage)here: