Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Guardian are clear #Corbyn is the problem - why don't labour MPs in the north east agree?

Jeremy Corbyn is running out of excuses. Losing a seat that has been held by Labour in every election since 1935 certainly signifies a break from the old politics, but not the one that was advertised to Labour members. The Guardian view is unequivocal that Corbyn is a large part f the problem. Having been many times to Copeland I agree. But what is remarkable is the labour MPs. Most did not bother to go to Copeland. Those that did seem to have gone only once. And this was the view of Ian Lavern, my neighbour in Wansbeck 
This is his worst comment which is simply Untrue: 
"Jeremy Corbyn wasn't something that cropped up a lot on the doorstep when I was there"
Read these two articles and form your own view. This is lavery car crash:
And this is the view of the mainstream left wing paper the Guardian.
I know who is right. I - and others - spoke to a lot More voters than Ian lavery