Saturday, 9 December 2017

Tynedale is Dementia Friendly

I was pleased to meet with Corbridge Parish Councillor Melvyn Stone and County Councillor Nick Oliver recently to discuss the formation of Tynedale Dementia Action Alliance and the launch in January of Dementia Friendly Hexham, and to offer my full support. 

Tynedale Dementia Action Alliance exists to transform the quality of life for people living with dementia and for their families and friends across Tynedale.  Amongst many others, objectives include raising awareness of the needs of those living with dementia, to encourage commitment from organisations to become Dementia Friendly and to develop a successful Regional Alliance for Tynedale.  

Melvyn was the driving force over a number of years in turning Corbridge into the County’s first Dementia Friendly Village, with more than 400 ‘dementia friends’ trained to recognise those living with dementia and help them to live full lives.  Many Corbridge businesses display ‘dementia friendly’signs in their windows, and there is a regular ‘Memory Cafe’ at Corbridge Village Hall, as well as organised activities.  Not content with his success in Corbridge, Melvyn and others are now rolling out the programme across Tynedale - with the Hexham Courant pledging their support and committing to become a ‘Dementia Friendly’ newspaper.  

I’m grateful to Melvyn and all those who help and support him in his work to improve the quality of life for dementia sufferers and their families.  Thank you Melvyn.