Friday, 26 April 2019

Get your child vaccinated!

Yesterday I read the story of baby Alba, who was became seriously ill with measles last year just weeks before she was due to be vaccinated. The BBC report highlighted what the NHS has described as a ‘growing public health time bomb’- the increasing number of people who are rejecting vaccines. UNICEF says that more than half a million children in the UK missed out on the MMR vaccine between 2010 and 2017, and there has been a 300% increase on measles cases worldwide compared to last year. Thankfully Alba is now over the worst of her illlness, but these frightening statistics really do highlight the importance of getting your child vaccinated as soon as they are able to receive the MMR vaccine- babies usually receive their first dose around their first birthday and the second at three to four years old. Measles is an extremely infectious illness that can lead to serious health consequences, including lung and brain infections. The vaccine really is so important- please find out more about how you can protect your child below: