Saturday, 1 May 2021

Vote Jan Harding on Thursday 6th May

On Thursday 6th May, we will all have the chance to vote for the County Councillors who will represent our local towns and villages here in Northumberland.

I have been asking local Conservative candidates across the constituency to set out why they are standing to be County Councillor. 

Dr Jan Harding is standing for County Councillor for Haydon and Hadrian.

My name is Jan Harding, and I am the Conservative Party County Council candidate for the wonderful area of Haydon and Hadrian in the forthcoming local elections. I have lived in Allendale for 25 years with my wife and two sons. I consider myself lucky to call Northumberland home. It is a fabulous place to live- and a county whose best years are yet to come.

My professional background is in academia, studying archaeology at the universities of Sheffield and Reading. I became a lecturer in archaeology at Newcastle University back in 1996, undertaking large-scale fieldwork in northern England and publishing six books and over 40 academic papers. I am now retired from the university, but still involved in research and writing.

The people of Haydon and Hadrian deserve the absolute best. First-rate schools, affordable housing, a green and pleasant environment, good roads, decent public transport, and employment opportunities are all essential to life here. Understanding its needs and challenges is vital, and if elected, I intend to hit the ground running. I believe I can make an immediate difference with litter and dog fouling, and will be drawing-up an action-plan for helping deal with these problems. I intend to be equally proactive in addressing other issues, and during the first months will consult widely to identify key priorities. Educational opportunity is essential, and I am personally committed to building on the turn-around of local schools seen since the Conservatives started running the council in 2017. We need to improve our public transport too, with better bus services and to finally get trains stopping at Gilsland again. I was delighted to bring the Rail Minister Chris Heaton-Harris to Gilsland recently so he can see the potential our project has for himself.

The £4.5 million invested in refurbishing Haydon Bridge High School represents real progress. I will also explore how road safety can be improved, including for cyclists, and warmly welcome the £120 million the county council will spend improving roads and fixing potholes. Finally, it is crucial to ask what more can be done to help local farming and business, and how communities can be better involved in delivering their housing needs. And, of course, I will take a very keen interest in the area's incredible heritage and its vital role in recreation and tourism.

A vote for me on 6th May is a vote for a new, positive, community-driven approach to Haydon and Hadrian. Together we will make it an even better place to live.

Thank you.

Vote Conservative on 6th May.