Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Vote Lyle Darwin on Thursday 6th May

 On Thursday 6th May, we will all have the chance to vote for the County Councillors who will represent our local towns and villages here in Northumberland.

I have been asking local Conservative candidates across the constituency to set out why they are standing to be County Councillor. 

Lyle Darwin is standing for County Councillor for Ponteland East and Stannington.

I’m putting myself forward as the candidate to become the next Conservative County Councillor for Ponteland East and Stannington at the upcoming elections on May 6th, and I want to share with you why I’m standing as a candidate. I have been a Town Councillor in Ponteland for 4 years and I’ve enjoyed my time working with local residents, fellow Town and County councillors and local business owners to make and maintain the great area in which I’m fortunate to live and call home. I believe we, the local residents of Ponteland East and Stannington have a great community which has been able to thrive due to Conservative policies, including that of protecting the greenbelt, supporting local businesses and creating jobs and opportunities for all. I, like many others feel a responsibility to maintain our local area, improve where we can and ensure we pass on our vital greenbelt the next generation for them to enjoy and be able to grow surrounded by greenery and not concrete. We have an obligation as a council to protect and preserve places of outstanding natural beauty and the conservation areas in our local towns. 

My role as an engineer involves reviewing government legislation, deducing the relevant information which can be passed onto the design team and Architect to enable a safe, habitable and functional building fit for purpose by the end users. These skills are transferrable into my role as a councillor, whereby local residents want what is best for our area and we must aim to provide what we can as a party nationally and locally as Northumberland County Council. I will put the needs and concerns of residents first, actively engaging with residents to promote and establish a great community which we are all proud of, irrespective of party politics. We need a County that promotes infrastructure and local jobs, but not the cost of diminishing communities or ruining greenbelt. 

My time as a Town Councillor has allowed me the necessary insight into what being a councillor entails. Taking this to the next level as a County Councillor will allow me to work harder and fight stronger for the policies, ambitions and objectives I would like to deliver. Some of these objectives are already waiting to be resolved, such as the reduction in speeding on station road, Stannington or improving the school drop offs at the new primary school in Ponteland to reduce the issues of parking for local residents who live opposite at Dunsgreen. I have items I’m eager and awaiting to resolve and I look forward to new challenges as they arise which I can work with local councillors in their respective wards to reach an end goal that is best for us all.   

If you would like to contact me about council related matters in Ponteland East and Stannington, please send me an email at lyledarwin@hotmail.co.uk. I look forward to being able to meet with residents when safe to do so.  

Thank you very much in advance and I hope you’re able to vote Conservative on May 6th.  

Stay safe, we should all be able to return to better times soon.

Vote Conservative on 6th May.