Sunday, 9 June 2013

All the Air Ambulance Charities coming to an event in House of Commons on Tuesday

I am the Chairman of the All Party Group for Air Ambulances in the Houses of Parliament: we exist to support and help the understanding of what our Air Ambulances do. We formed the All Party Group in the Commons when we realised that there was no support organisation helping the Association of Air Ambulances and making the case for these wonderful charities in the Houses of Parliament. It is cross party, apolitical and very well supported.
The event at 4pm on Tuesday will be the first time that all of these charities that provide such a great service have come together in the House. We have written to every AA and every MP and hope that they will come along to support their own individual AA - I will be particularly proud to welcome the Great North Air Ambulance
for whom we do lots of fundraising, from charity walks to helping out on specific fundraising events.
If you are thinking of a charity locally in the North East then they are a really great one to support.
On Tuesday we will have Ministers present, including one from health and the heavyweight presence of the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles MP.
It will be a wonderful event and I am looking forward to hosting it.