Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The very fact that the G8 is taking place in NI is the story of the week

I grew up between the ages of 10-14 in Dublin, Ireland and have worked in Northern Ireland. It was not easy 25 years ago as a young Brit with short hair working and riding out at a racing stables in the North. There were deaths reported on the local TV every night, and the stables I worked in was a couple of miles from Armagh and Lough Gall, which were hotbeds of the troubles. I therefore find it a wondrous and special thing that we have a G8 conference taking place relatively peacefully in the Northern Ireland, showcasing the wondrous scenery, and hospitality of this great land.
When people say peace is not possible in some parts of the Middle East and elsewhere I always tell them of the land that was and now is Northern Ireland.