Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Labour's Budget is bad news for Tynedale and Ponteland

Yesterday saw Northumberland's Labour Administration push through there budget since taking control in May. The budget was as predictable as it is regrettable. Labour have hiked Council tax at the first opportunity they could, turning down government funding of £1.6m to freeze council tax. Rather than freezing it like 70% of Councils, including Newcastle, Sunderland, Carlise and Cumbria. Instead Northumberland's Labour Administration cynically hiked it by the maximum the rules allow, before having to let people have their say in a local referendum.

There are some welcome savings, but no mention of trimming generous senior staff travel expenses or the huge cost of maintaining empty commercial property. Not to mention their plans to double the Council's debt to a massive £593million over the next four years. 

Overall this is a budget which means my constituency will suffer as victims of Labour’s political games. 

 From building on our greenbelt to selling off our bus station, this is a Labour Administration which is letting Tynedale and Ponteland down. It only adds insult to injury for them to now also hike council tax by the maximum amount possible.