Friday, 10 July 2015

Lugano's appeal is REFUSED

Conservative Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Greg Clark has today rejected a controversial appeal by Lugano to build 280 homes on the outskirts of Darras Hall in Northumberland.

As a well known campaigner to protect our greenbelt I am immensely proud that the Conservative Secretary of State has taken the decision to reject this appeal. It demonstrates the Conservatives clear commitment to protect our greenbelt. The fact that as local campaigners we have been able to fight off theses plans by a multi million pound developer is a victory for local people and out community. It really is a victory for local democracy.

I has always remained very hopeful that Lugano’s appeal would be thrown out, and today those of us who have battled so long and so hard, will take a huge sigh of relief. There always have been very clear and objective planning grounds on which this application to build on the Ponteland greenbelt should be rejected. We have all worked tirelessly with local campaigners to make representations and I am so pleased our arguments have been listenedtoo.

Full report is here:

Extract from the report:

"Accordingly, for the reasons given above, the Secretary of State agrees with the Inspector’s recommendation. He hereby dismisses your client’s appeal and refuses planning permission for the demolition of some existing buildings and the construction of up to 280 dwellings and provision of up to 650 sq. m of B1 floorspace, no greater than 250 sq. m (gross) of A1/A3 retail floorspace, up to 500 sq. m of D1 floorspace, a community farm and associated buildings, landscaping, open space, access and associated engineering works, in accordance with application ref. 13/00132/OUT, dated 18 January 2013."