Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Isil Motion to be debated in the Commons for 10 1/2 hours today on Isil

The PM will open the debate at around 11.30, and there will be a vote at around 10pm. The debate is live on the parliament channel.
We already since September 2014 take the fight to Isil in Iraq. The UN has now asked all countries to do what it can in many different ways. This motion addresses that. The UK should play its part.

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  1. If you support the Prime Minister in bombing Syria will you also support your own resignation when you see the ineffectiveness of your decision in say 6 months? Can you also quantify the current success rate of the actual coalition bombing strikes. Bombing sorties have been vast already but I feel no safer; in fact I feel that if Britain decides to join the bombing campaign then a homeland attack on us simply becomes more imminent.