Wednesday, 16 December 2015

There are now 2 Labour Parties: an analysis by Labour MPs, members + A Green MP

Stop the War is a catchy title, but the reality is that it is a quasi communist group with very dodgy views. It is taking over the Labour Party - led by Corbyn, its previous president.
Take the view of one labour MP, who is in the shadow cabinet:

Michael Dugher MP says…
“What you’ve got to remember about a lot of these people in Stop the War is that they think the wrong people won the cold war … Communism in a modern setting doesn’t have a lot of appeal to me.”

The country's only green MP, Caroline Lucas, is a Long term supporter; a few weeks ago she decided she could no longer serve as a patron of Stop The War, and she stood down

Britain’s only Green MP felt compelled to release a statement saying she had left because of shortage of time and “in light of some of the group’s recent positions.” Specifically, she was “troubled by some statements after the Paris atrocities.”
Lucas was not the only one to baulk at a blog, later removed, blaming the Paris atrocities on “western support for extremist violence in the Middle East.” She appeared to be following Peter Tatchell, a fellow crusader, that the group she supported wholeheartedly for so long has “lost its moral compass."

This week Dan Hodges has ended his relationship with labour as a member. He is the son of the MP Glenda jackson. His article is damning in its criticism of where Labour is going: