Monday, 29 February 2016

65 days until key elections in Scotland, Wales, PCC and local authorities - who wins, who loses?

In 65 days we will know how well the electorate think the various parties are doing around the country. Primarily all eyes are on Labour. Put simply will Corbynista politics be popular to the voters in Scotland, Wales, PCC elections and for the metropolitan authorities? I find the Scottish election most interesting, not least as the Scots are our neighbours over the border at Carter Bar.
At present Corbyn's labour are struggling for even second place in Scotland. We see at Westminster the two opposition parties trying to be even more left wing than each other, and I believe that Ruth Davidson MSP is beginning to convince people in Scotland that you can be fiscally conservative but socially liberal, with a consequential impact on voting intention; given the SNP strong left wing approach, albeit with very poor outcomes in education, policing and all devolved public services, why would you vote for a alternative left wing party, like labour? That is Corbyn's problem, and that is why labour is struggling.
I am going to help by spending a day or two in Scotland and Wales over the next months campaigning and helping our conservative candidates, not least to get a better understanding of what the local electorates are thinking.
Ruth Davidson is our inspirational leader in Scotland: her recent article is here: