Sunday, 28 February 2016

Westminster and Northumberland this coming week

Am on the train south preparing for a busy week: the budget is barely 2 and 1/2 weeks today and this week is virtually the last chance to pitch to the Treasury or the Business Department. There are various bills to be considered this week on the floor of the House of Commons including the Northern Ireland Bill, and debates on everything from the future role of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, to steel, to the science budget and on Wednesday the issue of end of life care is being discussed. I will be present in the chamber for most of these.
I also have meetings with the DOH, and various constituents and Northumberland organisations who are coming to Westminster.
On Wednesday night I am catching the last train home and then have a very early start for the Otterburn Ranges, where I am spending the day with the Army, notably 3RHA. Friday I have a packed day in Prudhoe, Heddon, Ovingham, Hexham and places in between! Saturday is our regional conference locally.