Friday, 26 February 2016

Hadrian’s Wall Networking Day saturday at the Mart in Hexham - worth going along to

Hadrian’s Wall Networking Day
Saturday 27th February 2016

9.15-10.00Registration and Refreshments.  Exhibition Space opens 
10.00-10.15Welcome by Humphrey Welfare, Chair of Hadrian’s Wall WHS Partnership Board
10.15-10.45'Broadening archaeological research and ownership of the Wall'
– Professor Richard Hingley, Durham University
 10.45-11.15Break and Refreshments
 11.15-11.45The most important reason for going from one place to another is to see what's in between’ - Duncan Wise, NNPA and Mark Ellis, Go North East
 11.45-12.15‘Marketing Hadrian’s Wall’
- Emily Railton, English Heritage
13.15-13.45Bringing Scotland’s Roman frontier to life’ 
- Cllr Adrian Mahoney, Falkirk Council
 13.45-14.15The Hadrian’s Cavalry Exhibition’
- Dr Nigel Mills, Heritage Consultant and Bill Griffiths, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums
14.45-15.15The future of Alauna Roman Fort and Camp Farm: answers on a postcard please!’
Rose Lord and Jules Brown, North of England Civic Trust
15.15-15.45 Heritage at Risk and Community Archaeology on Hadrian's Wall; past, present and future- Paul Frodsham, ORACLE Heritage Services
15.45-16.00Plenary – Humphrey Welfare, Chair of Hadrian’s Wall WHS Partnership Board
16.00-17.00 Exhibition and Close