Friday, 19 February 2016

Come and visit Westminster / get Commons work experience

Every month we welcome at least one student intern to help out in the House of Commons office. They get the experience of a busy Westminster office answering 100s of emails, letters and phone calls a day, with a very small but dedicated team, and the chance to get to know the mother of parliaments. This week we welcomed Molly Hall for a couple of days work experience. Next week fellow Ponteland High School student Owen Stratford is coming down. As always, if any constituent wants to come and see what we do on your behalf, get work experience and get the chance to get a better understanding of parliament, and the role of an MP, then please email in. Alternatively we provide and organise tours of parliament. If we have the space and can look after you we will try and help. So far in the last 5 and 3/4 years we have had over 100 Northumberland students do work experience, some in Northumberland some in Westminster. Everyone gets our thanks, an understanding of what we do, hopefully some real work experience and a copy of my book on prison reform - and amazingly not every copy has sold out! Simply put, Parliament belongs to everyone.