Wednesday, 5 August 2009

August Summer Tour with Peter Atkinson

Very excited to be off on part of the tour with peter next week - this is a tradition that has been going on in this constituency for over 50 years - every summer the MP literally goes round every highway, byway, hamlet and village and takes the time to talk to everyone - as well as conducting multiple surgeries on the move
For my part I am in Ponteland on Monday then off on the road with Peter for 3 days - there are another 2 separate tours from the one set out below, that take place at other times over the summer. The point is fairly made that the media say Mps do not work the summer "holiday" but this is exactly what they should be doing - spending time with the people who they look after and represent

Tuesday 11th August
10:00 am CORBRIDGE, outside the library

10:40 am NEWTON, Main Street

11:00 pm OVINGTON, village green

11:25 pm OVINGHAM, car park

11:45 pm WYLAM, outside village store

12:20 pm HEDDON, shopping centre

2:00 pm PRUDHOE, all afternoon

Wednesday 12th August
10:00 am Meeting at Hadrian’s Wall Heritage

11:45am SLALEY, outside village shop

12:20 pm BLANCHLAND, outside village shop

1:00 pm SNODS EDGE, outside the village hall

1:30 pm WHITTONSTALL, The Anchor car park

1:50 pm NEW RIDLEY, Dr Syntax car park

2:10 pm HEDLEY ON THE HILL, by The Feathers

2:30 pm MICKLEY SQUARE, outside ‘Jiggery Pokery’

2:50 pm STOCKSFIELD, station car park

3:20 pm RIDING MILL, outside village shop

Thursday 13th August
9:30am FOURSTONES @ the garage.

9:50am NEWBROUGH, town hall

10:20am HAYDON BRIDGE, outside CO OP

11:00am BARDON MILL, outside village shop

11:25 am HENSHAW, village green

11:45 am ONCE BREWED, Information Centre

12:30pm GREENHEAD, outside village hall

1:00pm GILSLAND, outside village shop

1:35 pm HALTWHISTLE, in the Market Place

Friday we are canvassing in Haltwhistle in the morning and then I am playing golf at Tyne Green golf club in the evening with Nick Holder, local councillor in Hexham