Thursday, 13 August 2009

Hexham Summer Tour - Meeting the NFU

Peter and I with Johnny Ball, Annabel the cardboard cow, and the man from the National Park ...

Arrived at Once Brewed to see the NFU roadshow in town with Annabel [A cardboard cow], and some real sheep. Had a good chat to the amazing NFU man Johnny Ball - who agreed that his life on tour promoting farming round Britain [he does a different town or location every day] was like an actor / ageing rock star on tour. Spent a good hour chatting. The disastrous impact of the sheep ID scheme cannot be underestimated.

In the evening we had an amazing Patrons Club Drinks Party in the garden at Haughton Castle - great fun until the midges descended at 9pm. Gave a short speech on what we spend the Patrons money upon and why we need to win, not just here, but in Carlisle, Tynemouth, Stockton South, Jedburgh / Borders and Hartlepool to name a few.