Friday, 14 August 2009

Haltwhistle Action Day

With Ian Hutchinson outside Greenholme with our leaflet

Outside Haltwhistle Hospital - roll on the rebuild!

A great day in Haltwhistle where 8 of us delivered over 1700 leaflets in the morning in support of Ian Hutchinson and his campaign on behalf of Greenholme, the day care centre that the council want to close. Haltwhistle has lots of hills as all the team can testify!
But it will be worth it as the consultation closes on Thursday 20th August and we wanted to make sure everyone in the town had a chance to object / make representations.
Haltwhistle has been a Labour town since Ramsay MacDonald was a boy but things are changing: there are a number of factors - obviously the unpopular government helps, but the town is changing with more outsiders, new businesses and younger families moving in. People who would never have voted anything but Labour in the past are coming up to us and switching. People like the way that we have moved to the centre ground. Our canvassing also shows the Liberals are struggling as a result of being in control of the council as well.

In the late afternoon played golf with Councillor Nick Holder at Tyne Green Golf Club in Hexham - played well till an errant slice nearly took out the 4.30pm train to Carlisle - the railway adjoins the tee...oops!