Saturday, 15 August 2009

Allendale Show and Ponteland Dinner

At the Allendale Show

Busy day in Haltwhistle, Allendale and Ponteland:
- early start coffee morning and get together in Haltwhistle, courtesy of Isobel James who threw open her house to her friends and neighbours.
- then on to the Allendale Show, which suffered from regular downpours but was a great success; got waylaid in the farmers beer tent, which was little hardship.
- then to Ponteland for an amazing sit down dinner for 60 in Darras Hall, organised by Roma and her team. Delicious food, and lots of chat. As darkness fell we were reduced to candlelight. Gave a short speech on how we need to do more to inspire people to vote for us - and that Labour losing the election is not enough; people need to be enthused by us rather than just put off the government. Everyone on great form as Newcastle United had won 3-0!