Tuesday, 3 November 2009

An Early General Election - March 25??

Foreigners are always amazed when I tell them that only one person in this great country has an idea when the general election has to be...that person is of course Lord Mandelson - the Prime Minister in all but name
Rumours are rife that he is advising the struggling Gordon to go early.
For months we in Hexham have been working around a 28 day campaign leading up to May 6th [or possibly Gordon being dragged out on the last possible day in early june] but May 6th makes all the sense, as it is summertime and coincides with local council elections in some parts of the country - although not here.

For my part it is still May 6th I have my money on, and March 25th is only 8-1 with the bookies!
For more on this see the Telegraph's story.