Friday, 20 November 2009

The Supper Club at the Pheasant

A great evening was had last night at The Pheasant Inn where 27 hardy souls braved the elements for a delicious dinner. Everyone was on very good form and we tackled the issue of what the next Conservative Government should be doing. Everyone was asked to fill in a 3 line question on this issue - which was then judged by the X Factor team of Richard Dodd and Chris Galley .
The voted winners were as follows:
- alter the welfare system for the unemployed so that there is a positive incentive to return to work [Monica won a very nice bottle of wine]
- create a points system for each taxpayer whereby their contribution to the National Good [eg volontary service / charitable work] is offset against their tax bill. The purpose being to make those who take from society to pay and those that give to society be rewarded. [David won the second prize of a bottle of home made damson jam]
We could not have been looked after better and I was allowed behind the bar for a brief second!