Monday, 9 November 2009

Heddon on the Wall canvassing

Heddon is famous for being built exactly on Hadrians Wall and is the start of the constituency boundary to the east. When the town planners were building a new estate in Heddon several decades ago, they decided on wonderful Roman names for the streets: on any interpetation it is odd to be asking a householder - "is this number 24 Campus Martius or is 24 Trajan Walk"?
Jon and I got a good reception over two hours on the doorstep - the biggest local issue was rural broadband - which is clearly terrible in Heddon.
We did not finish there, so going back shortly, although the nights are drawing in - it is nearly dark at 4.30 so people are reluctant to open their doors, although they are pleased to see us [even if they do not agree with us] when they do.
Found several switchers from Labour to Conservative and only one Liberal. Lots of dissatisfaction with the war and the PM generally.