Saturday, 7 November 2009

glasgow by election - hexham and the North East on tour

Photo: Guy Opperman, David Mundell MP, Ruth Davidson, the By Election Candidate, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, and the North East team the Glasgow North East Asda [a suitable rally point]!

What a day! On tour with the team delivering over 10,000 leaflets - the by election is next Thursday.
Met loads of SNP, although Labour should hang on to win - though they are clearly struggling in Scotland; it was both politically worthwhile but an education for one and all - particularly the students.

If you want to see how Labour
- have raised unemployment
- have increased poverty and
- failed to address social problems ... go and see the mess they have made of this constituency.
Some of the poverty and lack of opportunity needed to be seen to be believed - it is a scandal that in 2009 that they have allowed this to happen.