Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The BIG Social Action Christmas

As an MP I am a big believer in action as well as words. It's all too easy for MP's to talk a good game but stand back and let others do the work.

A big part of that is getting involved in campaigns, whether its putting on my wellies to join the protestors protecting the greenbelt in in Ponteland or organisining a public meeting to give the victims of the councils equal pay failures a voice.
As part of that I am a strong believer in Social Action. This year I have supported a number of projects with my team of volunteers through the Grassroots volunteer network, lending a hand to green groups and community gardens giving them a hand to help spruce up thier projects.

My charity walk of Hadrians Wall this year was a gruelling one but well worth it raising over £4000 for charities including Tynedale Hospice.

This Christmas I have been collecting children's toys for the Salvation Army. There are just a couple of weeks to go until Christmas and we asked anyone who could to buy an extra toy which could make all the difference to those children who are less fortunate on Christmas Day.

I know everyone is feeling the pinch and money is tight but the response was amazing. Each gift was a small gesture which can mean the world to a child who has little to look forward to this Christmas. Berwick Conservative's Anne Marie Trevelyan helped to co ordinate the project and together we were able to take along literally hundreds of toys and presents to the Salvation Army HQ in Newcastle last week.

Sue the Centre manager took us around for a tour and we met some of the residents before handing over the toys. They will go to those most in need this Christmas and I hope make a special Christmas for lots of children who might otherwise have a sad Christmas morning.

Thank you to everyone who had been able to help out this year, we will be doing even more next year.