Thursday, 29 March 2012

Tyne River Anglers meeting with Environment Agency and the Hexham Hydro team

A very positive meeting last night with many of the Tyne River Angling groups, notably the Tyne Rivers Trust, and the EA and the Hexham Hydro project leaders. No decisions were made but a lot of very constructive talking and discussion took place over 2 hours at the Mart in Hexham. My thanks to all who came.
I had to explain that I am bad fisherman, but a fervent supporter of the Tyne and all the sport and tourism opportunities it provides. That there will be a new fish pass on the Tyne organised by the Tyne Rivers Trust seems almost certain, although hurdles remain. It will be up to the Hexham Hydro team to convince the community, the anglers, the riparian owners - and the 2 regulatory authorities in the form of the County Council and the Environment Agency - that a hydro can be added without compromising the river and the fish who swim in it. That is a big hurdle for them to overcome.
I was really pleased at the turnout, and hugely grateful to the people who came along.

It has been agreed to hold a further meeting in the latter part of the summer / early autumn when all will be much clearer as to plans. I stress that nothing is set in stone, and noone wants anything that will in any way damage the river, and what runs through it.