Sunday, 4 March 2012

A busy week ahead - local banks, police commissioners and a lot more

Have a very busy first few days of this week coming up
- Monday: very pleased that our long awaited meeting with Hector Sants of the FSA is taking place in Westminster, along with the Chair of the Treasury Select Committee, Andrew Tyrie MP. We will be discussing local banks and discussing ways in which it may be easier to set up the Bank of Hexham or the Bank of Northumberland. Then meeting with Philip Hammond, the Minister for Defence.
- Tuesday: up early on the 7am morning train to Newcastle for meetings with Nick Herbert the Police Minister who is in the region, plus a meeting about the Charlotte Straker Hospice in Corbridge with the NHS Care Trust. Then have an urgent surgery in Hexham that night.
- Wednesday: very early train back to London, where I will be welcoming the team behind the Humshaugh Village Shop, who are once again the regional North East Champion of the Countryside Alliance Village Shop of the Year award. Hoping they will win. Also have PMQs and speaking in the Military debate.
- Thursday: National Womens Day, and social care debate in the House, plus meeting the head of the Metro Bank, the first new local bank set up recently.